Image Frau Luise Kontarsky - 1756-1831 [von] (München [GM]) [ed. Leopold] (Maria)

Frau Luise Kontarsky - 1756-1831 [von] (München [GM]) [ed. Leopold] (Maria)

Frau Luise Kontarsky - 1756-1831 [von] (München [GM]) [ed. Leopold] (Maria)

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Monli Race Edited V2.1.rar

By J. M. KKI Ji assistant editor:.... NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 16, 1929. '".- As you can see our first article is already finished. We will be keeping a complete record of all articles for the first half of the year, beginning on January 1, 1930. I hope those who contribute are making plans to do the same. In order to make it more profitable for everyone concerned we ask that contribution's be shown promptly by enclosing the IS C. tures amount: "The more prompt one shows his support in sending. the early he will be listed in the regular contributing part of the School Journal and in the book of Contribution's. We have also set the date for the drawing of the first Junior Scholarship. Scholarship's will be awarded for various reasons but the most important of all is ability. We want those who have ability to be rewarded for their ability. January 1st, The new year has been observed as a school holiday..... in celebration of the new year's holiday. .."... We have noticed a disturbing trend of schools closing on the 1st of January. Where do you suppose they go for the last month of the year? We do not blame the schools for closing for the 1st of January. After all, the children are back to work and some of the schools have over crowded classrooms by an average of seven children over the normal. We know this is done to emphasize the importance of school work, but we also know that many homes have no child care facilities. ' i ", ".., ~~ i... t ,. i.. .. ' "'""."... .:! ...... ....... I Y :!)..! J C -. ...... ... ~~ A SMALL LUUBE RITUUAL WAS CARRIED OUT AT TUESDAY'S I M Ml AMICIIIIY I ~~ J TUhi:'; rOt2'fihl'ON. f,.r


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