Image Very good quality item.

Very good quality item.

I rarely write reviews but for the price ($17.50) this soccer shirt is definitely worth the price. Fits right. Not what I would call a normal soccer shirts, but it perfectly fits my needs... Bought two, considering more. Oh, color selection is great.

Bought this to customize for a friend's anniversary. Loved the color and the design came out great. It's also really soft. I never washed it, so I can't say if that will last. They loved their gift though. It was just as I expected and juventus sweater exactly useful for what I needed.

I bought the sweatshirt for myself and it was very comfortable! Truly economical and super simple. What's interesting is my son 13 year old so. loved it so much he has now taken it into his closet as his own! I haven't seen the sweatshirt since my son took it over and honestly I could easily buy one in every color for him!I

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